Francoise Gilot

Bianca Mataua

January 22, 2019

Francoise Gilot Exhibition coming to our site soon.

Owning one of the largest collections of her works, DKH Gallery will be putting on a special exhibition featuring her works that span generations, wars and deep meaningful artistic relationships that cannot be found with any other female artist. An influential artist in her own right, the school of paris artist holds a special place in lithography and its practice within the United States. An expert in the craft, her work adorned the walls of thousands of middle class american homes that have only aged in beauty since their inception. This exhibition will attempt to demonstrate her influence , distinct style and her absolute mastery of the lithographic process through our collection of lithographic prints. The first protofeminist artist in modern and contemporary art, her work is not only groundbreaking but revolutionary in idea, draftmanship and approach. We now introduce Francoise Gilot: 100 Years.