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DKHG Scooter Girl Travel Blog

Scooter Girl Travel Blog

My husband told me one day that I should leave the house and go explore, even if I work from home I shouldn't coop myself up at home. Well I thought that was a good idea until I google mapped how long it would take to get to the train station. And let's be real, who wants to spend the money to take the bus, aid in more fossil fuel burning and government financial aid just to get to the train to get to town. Well, how about I cut that gosh awful crap in half and get a scooter!

With registration prices in Melbourne at an all time high, there is no way I am buying a second vehicle just to get to town to drive about two hours in circles to find a car park for free rather than pay the 50 bucks an hour it takes to park in a parking structure. Wow, do I sound cynical, but really this cynicism is bathed in logic. Not only is it getting more expensive to get around, but now they expect you to pay for gas, registration, astronomical parking prices and be ok with it. Well I am not, so I looked at alternatives. I am not going to lie I love the train even because one, its electric here so no harm done to the environment; other than the major amount of concrete and infrastructure it takes to build one. But other than that the benefits to training is pretty high in my honest opinion, but trolls can differ I'm sure. The reason I bring up the train is because there are three reasonable sustainable alternate forms of transport that potentially exist for me, including the following:

1. Electric Scooter

2. Electric Bike

3. Large E-Scooter

So with these options on hand, I started thinking where I would be travelling and why along with a dose of convenience. The train is convenient because it's reasonably priced and gets me from A-X pretty sufficiently. The problem is the 7 km distance between my house and the train.

Theoretically, I could e-bike to town but as out of shape I am thats not a realistic option. In addition to that, taking a giant E-Bike on the train is kind of a douchy move since it takes a crap ton of space that everyone glares at you for, which would make the ride super uncomfortable. I'm not the greatest at being the centre of evil eye limelight, so scratch the E-Bike (there were foldable options but having to do that while you travel? Nooooo Thankyou).

A large e-scooter that looks like a gas scooter only gets you 50km in one charge which, let's be real is not enough for a day out in the town exploring art and galleries. So that was an immediate scratch off, I didn't even tell you how long it takes to charge it! That left me with one option, the electric scooter was compact, foldable, could carry in your backpack, had a speed of up to 30kmh (not that I would I max it out, who's kidding of course I would!) and had a charge distance of up to 50-70km depending on the manufacturer. So this sounded perfect for me! Not only would I save money, I could push myself, electrically move myself and enter all forms of transport without attracting the commuter evil eye. When I found this convenience, I got to thinking wouldn't it be great to explore your own city?! Since, I lived in Auckland and never really did and now living in Melbourne I am doing the same.

So that got me to thinking, can you be a tourist of your own town???? ABSOFRICKINGLUTELY! Which spiralled my thoughts into action cameras & go pro's, gallery exploration, street exploration and then A SCOOTER GIRL BLOG! I could totally show you touristy and off the beaten path shtuff in Melbourne and wherever I travel so I therefore, after a giant crazy rabbit hole monologue, introduce the DKHG scooter girl blog!!!! Keep tuned :)

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