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Lichtenstein's "look" on the cheap

Ever wanted to have expensive artwork by Roy Lichtenstein, but can't afford it? Well simply put, you can get that on the cheap with a simple Amazon purchase. The easiest way to do that is in fact to get the Lichtenstein Posters book. It contains a good amount of information about his most influential pieces. But, what is great about the book there are about 30 large pieces. The link below for the amazon purchase can be found below, and what is even better it qualifies for free shipping!

Since I have gone stir crazy on lockdown, I have been reviewing my collection of books and posters a lot more closely. I know it's only a couple days into stage three restrictions here in Australia, but to be honest, we here at xDKHG have been paranoid since late February and we are taking strict measures to stay safe from COVID-19. A little treasure I dug out of my extensive book collection (that spills into various rooms to my husband's chagrin) is a book full of Lichtenstein posters. I personally know how to matte artworks and pieces and if you want to add a little bit of pop art flair into your home on the cheap, this is the way to do it. Found for 30 dollars on Amazon, this book can be purchased and in your home in less than 3 days.

Can I just note that Amazon has been a lifesaver in this time of crisis? Despite having some reservations on its global reach, I haven't been more grateful than during this time of crisis. I believe art is an essential piece of history that reflects our humanity and faults of humanity that no other form can visualize quite so well. In saying that, this cheap purchase can create an interior that will make your home, well pop!

At a size of 37.5 x 26 cm in size, it features large scale full-page plates on quality glossy paper with excellent digital quality. I have taken some of the images out of the book and its ok to tear up a book, back in the day lithographic prints that were part of a larger book were designed to be pulled out and displayed.

I proceeded to matte and frame my work with a cheap Ikea Frame, any model or type that will suit your taste will do. In my case, I changed it up a bit. Because I LOVE to watercolor I made some adjustments and because it is such a cheap alternative you can play around with it how you want! I have to be honest with you they have come out beautifully and now hang on my entry hallway.

So let's review the steps

Roy Lichtenstein on the cheap step-by-step

1. Buy the "Lichtenstein Posters" by Presetel Publishing on Amazon

2. Cut out the plate large scale poster works located on pages 39-109

2a. An optional step but add some watercolour or play around with the piece to suit your personal aesthetic.

3. Matte and Frame on the cheap using Ikea Frames (only recommended for cheap printed works such as this).

4. Display in your home proudly!


This isn't a tutorial by any means but is a novel way of brightening your home with quality art pieces on a budget. :)

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