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  • Blason De Plumes Exhibition Poster
  • Blason De Plumes Exhibition Poster

Blason De Plumes Exhibition Poster

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An exclusive collection of professionally designed posters of selected works in the exhibition are now available for the viewing public to own and enjoy. Using the highest quality paper and state of the art digital print technology, each poster is produced with impeccable fidelity by digital imaging specialists with decades of experience specifically documenting fine art. Each poster measures a standard 18 by 24 inches to be enjoyed framed or standing alone in multiple living and work settings. Each poster is a work of art in its own right and available for a limited time only in connection with the exhibition.


An excellent example of Gilot’s printmaking experimentation is her six-color lithograph Blason de Plumes (Bird Crest). Just one year after working with Gilot at the Tamarind Institute, Joy Purmal Baker Lanigan, now a master printer at her own workshop, invited Gilot to Arizona to create Bird Crest, an innovative portrayal of birds (a favorite subject of the artist’s) in flight utilizing a sophisticated mix of colors, taking advantage of blended inking techniques in both yellows and greys, along with a transparent violet to make a delightful print in six colors.


The finished image, however, does not tell the complete story of Gilot’s experimentation with color combinations and the varying papers that affect them. In fact, while working on this print with Lanigan, she created eleven stunning color trial proofs, including printings on rarely used pink and green Imago papers. Some of the intriguing and rare colors used included a transparent purple blend, thalo blue-green, transparent vermillion and one of Gilot’s favorites, bright red, all applied in various combinations. Each trial proof helped Gilot progressively build in her mind’s eye, new visual possibilities to create a variety of tempers using different combinations of color and paper. The very last proof, the only one printed on pink Imago paper, epitomizes the culmination of this experimentation, employing color combinations in grey-brown and red, cleverly combined with a chrome-yellow blend, to form a stunning family of flaming red-winged figures around a central axis, majestically rising above an elliptical horizon bathed in blinding bright yellow light.


Poster Size: 18 x 24 in.

Material: Cotton Rag

Weight: 200 GSM


Original Work Information: 

Original Image Size: 19 x 25 in.

Color Proof Number: 11

Signed: By Francois Gilot

Provenance: Given by the artist to printer Joy Purmal Baker (Southwest Graphics, Scottsdale Arizona, USA).




  • Due to its novelty nature, returns are not accepted. Any damage must be reported to the shipping company as once it leaves our shop in its secure and insured packaging, we are no longer responsible for its condition. No returns accepted, however exchanges are possible within the first 30 days of purchase. 


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