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  • Jasper Johns "0-9"
  • Jasper Johns "0-9"

Jasper Johns "0-9"

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This xDKHG reproduction run of 100 is a limited High-Quality Digital run. Printed on cotton rag, this piece is based on a collected item owned by DKH Gallery. Using archival ink on cotton rag paper, this limited edition piece will go great in any home. Grab yours now as there are only two remaining in stock. 


Title: 0-9 

Artist: Jasper Johns 

Size:  21 x 29 cm

Type: Digital Reproduction

Edition: 22/100 & 2/100

Year: 2018

Signed: Lower right-hand corner for identification only


Please note that this piece is an affordable digital reproduction and not a real Jasper Johns. Condition is excellent considering its age as the run was completed in 2018. No marks, slight bend in right-hand corner. Excellent condition. 


  • Due to its novelty nature, returns are not accepted. Any damage must be reported to the shipping company as once it leaves our shop in its secure and insured packaging, we are no longer responsible for its condition. 

  • Keep out of heat and light with dehumidifying agents that will help preserve the vintage item. See package contents for more care instructions. Please be advised that this work is printed on 100% cotton paper, because of this a dark room, limited sunlight and UV protected glass is recommended.  


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