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    Lot of Vintage American Girl Magazines

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Part of our Andy Warhol Magazine Celebration of commissioned magazine works,  here is a lot of Vintage American Girl Magazines that featured many of Andy Warhol's illustrations.  Although he is quite well known for pop-art and his screen prints, Andy Warhol created illustrations for more than 400 magazine issues, more than 50 of these are covers over a 38- year period.**


    This Lot includes 11 American Girl Magazines as listed below: 


    1. No.226,  American Girl, Cover, Ed. December 1958

    2. No. 301, American Girl, pp.20-21, Ed. May 1963

    3. No. 223, American Girl, pp .28-29, Ed. August 1959

    4. No. 310, American Girl, pp. 26-27, Ed. March 1964

    5. No. 202, American Girl, pp. 10-11, Ed. June 1958

    6. No. 246, American Girl, pp. 28-29, Ed. April 1960

    7. No. 216, American Girl, pp. 20-21, Ed. April 1959

    8. No. 206, American Girl, pp. 26-27, Ed. September 1958

    9. No. 250, American Girl pp.26-27, Ed. June 1960

    10. No. 270, American Girl, pp. 22-23,  Ed. June 1961

    11. No. 248, American Girl, pp. 26-27, Ed. May 1960


    Please note that each lot is not in chronological order and each number is the page number correspondent with the Catalogue Raisonne to confirm item and condition. 


    Type: Magazines, including covers (Offset Lithograph)

    Lot Size: 11 Magazines

    Condition: Excellent, slight wear and tear from age, no sticking pages

    Packaged: Each magazine is packaged in an individual cello package

    Size: 29.21 x 20.32 cm

    Artist: Andy Warhol 


    **See Note: 

    If you would like to know more about his contributions to magazine illustration please peruse our bookshop to purchase a condensed version of his magazine Catalogue Caisonne. The whole Raisonne can be purchased on Amazon the title is below: 


    1. Andy Warhol, The Complete Commissioned Magazine Work, 1948-1987, Catalogue Raisonne, Paul Marechal, Prestel, NY


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